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Don't you have VIEW yet? Just ask your contact at RWE Supply & Trading GmbH. They will be delighted to explain the many options offered by the portal and set up access so that you too can make the most of VIEW very soon.

Welcome to RWE Supply & Trading GmbH’s VIEW portal

VIEW provides you with a multitude of comprehensive, up-to-date and exclusive information on the energy markets. In our Morning Market News we comment on developments in the various markets and present an outlook of the days ahead. Our weekly Market News delivers a summary of the past trading week. Every month you can read substantial market analyses and you have the opportunity to take part in our Meet the Analyst conference call.

VIEW also provides you with useful tools that can give you an overview of your procurement portfolio at any time and support you with your load forecast as well as the technical analysis of market price developments.

These are just a few examples; see for yourself what our portal has to offer. We are also looking forward to your feedback, new ideas and proposals for improvement.